Annet Libeau Discusses the Physical and Psychological Benefits of Scuba Diving

Annet Libeau Discusses the Physical and Psychological Benefits of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an excellent source of exercise and can be performed alone, in groups, professionally, and recreationally. While many people try scuba diving while on vacation, long term-scuba diving can actually be good for both your physical and mental health. “I love to travel,” says Annet Libeau, an avid scuba diver. “And to me, scuba diving feels like a natural extension. Being underwater is like seeing a whole new world.”

Scuba Diving Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Says Annet Libeau

“When you first dive into the water, your heart rate and your blood pressure will spike slightly,” says Annet Libeau. “But this is because of adrenaline and the cold water.” Most of the time, even in tropical waters, the temperature of the water you dive in will be colder than body temperature. When your whole body is immersed in cold water, the blood vessels constrict to conserve heat. This can cause your heart to race.

“But once you warm up throughout the dive by swimming, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure lowers significantly. You have to breathe slowly and deeply when you are diving. It brings oxygen to your body and helps you remain calm underwater. I’ve been diving for years and when I slip into the water, it’s almost like being in a meditative state,” says Annet Libeau.

Scuba Diving Is Excellent Stress Relief Says Annet Libeau

“The slow even breathing you learn as a diver induces a state of calm,” says Annet Libeau. “And while you’re floating and observing the new aquatic world around you, it’s like all of your cares just drift away.”

Because scuba diving requires a lot of concentration and coordination, it pulls your focus from your everyday worries – work, family issues, stress about money, etc. All your problems can be forgotten for a short while. Giving your mind and body a break from these stressors gives your nervous system a chance to reset and return to it’s natural balance. Many studies have proven that a calm, relaxed mind promotes positive thinking and a more balanced reaction to stress.

Annet Libeau Discusses Scuba Diving as Exercise

“A lot of people picture scuba diving as floating around underwater. It doesn’t seem like a very strenuous activity,” says Annet Libeau. “But swimming underwater requires a lot of stamina. You’re swimming against the resistance of the water. It’s low impact, but it’s excellent exercise.”

Swimming is an excellent, low-impact form of cardio that can increase muscle strength and flexibility while strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Annet Libeau is the President and CEO of Sun Day Consulting, a software consulting company. She resides primarily in Florida and scuba dives as often as possible. She also writes and publishes science fiction novels with her father.

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