Annet Libeau Discusses the Probable Future of Software Development

Software developer Annet Libeau discusses the probably future of software development.

Software development is an industry that is constantly changing. Software developer Annet Libeau explained that software development has changed drastically in a single decade, and she thinks we can expect such drastic changes in the 10 years to come.

“We are currently experiencing the future of software development, and we will continue to do so in the years to come,” Annet Libeau said. “Almost every major company is now a software company.”

Annet Libeau cited research stating it took 40 years to create the first 500 million apps, and it is expected that the next 500 million will take just four years to create. This is because the cost of beginning a start-up business is now drastically cheaper than ever before, and the number of internet users is expected to double by 2025.

Annet Libeau added that she believes applications will get lighter and drastically smaller. People will no longer worry about extensive download and update times, as well as applications using too much space on their smartphones and other devices.

“I believe we will start to see hardware completely disappear in the coming years,” Annet Libeau said. “We’re already seeing less and less hardware, and its need will be reduced to nothing.”

Annet Libeau explained that she expects software to be drastically more proactive in 2021 and beyond. Artificial intelligence will be used to help software anticipate what the user wants or is trying to do, based on what it already knows about them and their goals. Annet Libeau added that this will create a number of openings for recent graduates who have AI specialties, as AI courses weren’t previously offered at many universities.

“One thing that won’t change is that the user experience will still be the top priority in regards to software development,” Annet Libeau said. “However, AI will make improving the customer experience easier than ever before. Companies will still have to have a software niche to stand out among the rest, but the quality of the user experience will determine how successful the application or other software is.”

Annet Libeau finished by stating that everyone working in the software industry will have to be on their toes in 2021, and the coming years. They will have to be roughly 10 times faster than they currently are. She stated that the best way to prepare for the future of software development is to invest in your future by learning new skills, keeping up with the latest trends, and using all types of software to know what’s currently available in the market.

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