Avid Diver Annet Libeau Discusses the New Florida Reef Off Delray Beach

Avid scuba diver Annet Libeau recently discussed the new Florida reef off the coast of Delray Beach.

Kenny Chesney can be thanked for a new reef off the coast of Delray Beach, FL. On January 24, 2021, it was reported that 13 “reef balls” were placed off the coast of Florida to begin a 32-acre underwater park. Avid scuba diver Annet Libeau recently discussed the project.

“The reef balls are part of an artificial coral reef,” Annet Libeau said. “The project is being spearheaded by Kenny Chesney.”

Annet Libeau explained country singer Kenny Chesney will be working alongside marine organizations to create an artificial reef park spanning 32 acres. The park is located 1/2 mile off the coast of Delray Beach.

Annet Libeau added that Kenny Chesney recently founded No Shoes Reef, a conservation organization with the goal of revitalizing and strengthening underwater ecosystems. Chesney explained in a press release that he hopes to raise awareness for how fragile ocean ecosystems can be and how small steps at a local level can help.

“Reef balls are massive structures measuring 7 feet by 7 feet and weighing 10,000 pounds,” Annet Libeau explained. “They serve the purpose of attracting wildlife and enabling coral growth.”

Annet Libeau explained that we need to preserve our ocean and waterway environments for future generations, and this is one major step in the right direction. Libeau added that the underwater park will be is officially named No Shoes Reef 4 for its four founders.

The reef will serve the local community even further, as Palm Beach County students will be able to have a variety of educational experiences here. The Sandoway Discover Center will guide local students in monitoring how the reef is system is progressing.

“Of course, this will be excellent for all of us divers too,” Annet Libeau said. “This park will offer countless acres of new underwater habitats to explore.”

Other benefits expected to come from the reef system are improved water quality, increased dive tourism, improved fishing, and more. Annet Libeau explained that local economies should see a significant boost from the reef park, as fishermen and divers from around the country will travel to experience Chesney’s reef.

“As an environmentalist, I’m extremely pleased that Kenny Chesney chose to take action right here in Florida,” Annet Libeau said. “As a diver, I’m eager to get in those waters and see a thriving underwater ecosystem right here off the coast of Delray Beach.”

Annet Libeau advised divers and tourists to stay tuned, as the process of creating the reef park has just begun.

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